Lansley Coffee

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Lansley Diet Coffee Plus,
10 sachets per box,
Imported materials from USA.
Main Ingredients:


- Helps to restore collagen in the body

- Helps to reduce lines and wrinkles


- Improves bowel movement

Ginseng Extract

- Help boost immune system,

- Improve blood sugar level,

- Improve concerntration and helps with fatigue

White Kidney Beans

- As dietary carbohydrate blocker, similar to Chlorogenic Acid,

- To reduce carbohydrate absorption


- Involved in energy metabolism,

- Helps burn fat

Chromium Picolinate

- Increases energy, increasing muscle, decresing fats.


- General health-being.


Coffee Flavor favored with Arabica Aroma

To Use : 1-2 cups a day. 10 sachets per box