LiShou Slimming Coffee

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Thailand's Most Effectice Slimming Coffee

  • Thailand Slimming Coffee is a unique blend of natural herbs and premium coffee
  • Helps reduce weight quickly and with quick visible effects
  • Very easy and comfortable way of weigh control
  • No diet and exercise needed
  • No diarrhea, no dehydration
  • Reduce 2-5kg in just a week

Key Attributes of Slimming Control:

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Increases feelings of satiety and suppresses appetite
  • Speeds up metabolism and fat burning in the body
  • Weight reduction of 3-5kg per week



  • 15 sachets (10g) of instant coffee

Use and dosage:

1 sachet dissolve in 100ml of hot water (not boiling) and drink in the morning before or after breakfast. Drink before or after breakfast, once daily only. Don't skip meal.


Unappropriate for children and people under 18 years and over 6p years of age. Not for pregnant women, nursing mothers, people with heart or kidney diseases.


Possible side effects: dry mouth, increase need to drink water

Storage: Store in a dry place, do not expose to direct sunlight